Free Up to Focus on Growth

From conceptualization and design, to development and support, we create software that frees up time and gives you the resources to concentrate on what matters

Make Work a Happier Place

We create products that truly solve problems and create growth. We’re not limited by the status quo, and we work hard to find the solutions and promote integration to move businesses forward.

Software Development and Design Capabilities

Web Apps

Build a responsive web app, add your data, and watch the magic happen

Mobile Apps

Whether your on the warehouse floor or at the airport, your app is with you

Desktop Apps

Your business can run smoother and your employees benefit from data analytics

Data Analytics & Integration

Make better decisions with the information to see what works and why

Yep, We Got This

Optimizing Your Business

When you invest in software that optimizes your work and processes, you free up time and resources to advance your goals

Boosting Productivity

When your data is right there for every employee to see and communication is fluid and informed, productivity is sure to improve.

Growing Your Business

Growth is important but it can be difficult to keep up. Let us show you how software can help negate the pains of growth and even encourage it.

Doing What The Others Can’t

We don’t pull a set solution out of a magic hat and hand it to our customers. Each project is unique and we make your vision a reality.

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Our Approach

1. Project Definition

Bring us your awesome idea, and we help you define it

We take the time to learn about your business, your goals and all your ideas. With a little research and a lot of planning, we define the project that best meets your needs.

3. Design and Development

Easy to use interface with user experience in mind

Software that works is great, but you also need a solid design interface. We build your project and help you prioritize project goals along the way, which are bound to change. 

2. Site/App Structure

Planning the project and building out the basics

Your project is separated into features with a backlog of weekly tasks. Once we have an aligned concept of the applications structure, our software developers do what they do best.

4. Testing and Management

Writing the code that makes it happen

After all is said and done, there’s testing to do. As you and your team use the application, we’re here to make changes and make sure everything is running smoothly- just as intended.

Freedom knows you want your business to succeed. In order to do that, you need to stay connected with your data to more efficiently run day-to-day operations. Disconnected systems that don't talk to each other make you feel unproductive. We understand your industry and how to help.


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