We're all about creative freedom

Great projects take time, management, and a lot of creativity.

We Want Your Vision to Come Alive

At FreedomDev, we support you and your team from idea to launch with strategic planning, technology, and 7/24/365 management.

Every business has unique needs and unique goals. Through interviews, design, protyping, and testing, we are able to take take your vision and create a custom software application that moves your business forward. Get the edge on competition in any business environment with software inspired by you and working for you. From factory floors to office meeting rooms, we offer a wide variety of software projects that get results. Stop by or drop us a line to see what we can create together.

What We Strive For

Freedom to Create

Giving our clients the freedom to create the tools that help their business is our main focus. We work with clients to define goals, develop solutions, and create wins.

Moving Business Forward

Our software and digital marketing solutions are born out of the idea that they solve a problem or fill a need. Every solution we create together should move our business forward.

Shared Wins

We work towards shared wins, where both our company and our clients have a beneficial experience creating products that truly solve problems and create growth.

Meet the Team That Makes it Happen

Founder of FreedomDev, leads the team in the development of cross-platform responsive apps for clients that integrate and display business data and enhance business processes.

Internal software development with SQL, VBA, and Microsoft Office tools. Structure and data integration for useful business applications for a variety of companies.

Full stack web developer creating software solutions through design concepts and user experience. Oversees the integration and transformation of raw data into visual knowledge.

Creating layout, design, and UI/UX of cross-platform responsive apps, marketing/promotional material creation, and brand management. Specializes in all things graphic design.

Determines requirements for new software, develops high-level product specifications with attention to system integration and feasibility, and leads development team to ensure consistency.

Specializes and works on Microsoft platforms that allow the design, development, deployment and testing of SDLC phases for web, mobile and desktop applications.

Combines his experience supporting large-scale, critical systems with the personalization our small team can afford its clients. Develops and maintains the foundations for our applications.

Over 30 years experience in major SQL platforms and a Microsoft Certified SQL expert. Specializes in database design, development, maintenance, and business intelligence.

Develops software solutions to meet customer requirements. Participates in the analysis and composition of requirements, development, and testing of final customer product.

Front-end software development for custom software applications that meet customer requirements. Participates in the analysis and composition of development and testing.

Our Approach

1 Project

Bring us your awesome idea, and we help you define it

We take the time to learn about your business, your goals and all your ideas. With a little research and a lot of planning, we define the project that best meets your needs.

2 Site/App

Planning the project and building out the basics

The project is separated into features with a backlog of tasks. Once we have an aligned concept of the applications structure, we can move on to design.

3 Visual

Easy to use interface with user experience in mind

Software that works is great, but you also need a solid design with an easy to use interface. We specialize in creating welcoming, engaging, and brand consistent applications.

4 Site/App

Writing the code that makes it happen

We build your project and help you prioritize project goals along the way, which are bound to change. Our software works over multiple platforms and devices to give you the best possible app.

5 Thorough

Making sure every piece runs smoothly

After all is said and done, there's testing to do. After our testers comb through the software making sure everything is ready, we use your team's insights and observations to make it even better.

6 Launch and

Going live and maintaining your newest business solution

Don't worry, we're not going anywhere. As you and your team use the application, we're here to make changes and make sure everything is running smoothly- just as intended.